1.  You should be able to find all the available SONLIGHT MATERIALS listed on the Released Materials page on the Google Drive.  Some tips on how to find files are shared on the Released Materials page.
  2. CATALOGUE. If you want to find the current catalogue, go to the Google Drive and click on the folder “00 START HERE”.  You will find the catalogue in that folder, it is called the Road Map and Route.  Remember, only the items released are on the Google Drive.  See #1 to find those materials.
  3. If you would like an UNRELEASED BOOK,  please email our office (sonlighteducationministry@gmail.com) to share your request.  We will try our best to bump it up in the schedule, if possible.
  4. PRINTING.  We do not print books at this time.  If you have a friend that can help you out, please ask them.  Our suggestion is to download the books you want printed onto a flash drive and take to a local print shop or office supply shop to have them print the book for you.  An online resource that has been used and suggested by a couple SonLight users is 2centcopies.com
  5. PRINTING.  Printer ink can add up in cost.  A source that has been suggested to purchase re-manufactured inks is inktechnologies.com  They have very good customer service.
  6. Finding suggested RESOURCES.  As we are able we will try to add links to the items we suggest.  However, we do list items that are not always easily available and some searching may be needed to search them out.  Please do your own research in finding these resources.  Calling to ask to purchase books in the catalogue that we no longer sell is not a viable option and our answer will be met with an “I’m sorry, we no longer have a bookstore.”
  7. Please have patience with us.  We have had many connection problems the past year or two.  Please see our CONTACT page for current contact information, do not contact the old office in Washington, please contact the new office in Iowa.  Please read through the entire page to find the person you might best talk with to fit your needs.  If you are unsure, call the main office.
  8. Some are concerned with getting VIRUSES on their computer by downloading from the Google Drive.  Google only checks for viruses on small files.  Our files are quite large and do post the warning that they may contain viruses.  Here is a suggestion.  If you have an antivirus program on your computer, download the file.  Before opening the file, right click and choose the option to run a virus scan on the file before opening it.  Another option is to purchase the DVD’s as listed on the DOWNLOADS page.
  9. Since our files are in a .pdf format, you will be able to load these files onto your computer, your tablets and even your phones (if you have the space).  If you get a FREE KINDLE APP, you can create an account and it will give you an email for your Kindle App.  You can then email the files to your Kindle reader/app.  The files that you send will be located within the Kindle app in the same place that your new book orders show up.  You can also locate it in the library, as well.  Some have used this option so they did not need to print so much.  With this option, you may wish your child to have a notebook so that they might write answers down in the notebook instead of in the book as created.
  10. One way to quickly get aquainted with the SonLight Education Ministry program is to read through the CATALOGUE, The Road Map and Route (Found in the 00 START HERE folder on the Google Drive).  It will give you a feel for the program and give you a starting place.  The Ten Principles of Education course is a great way to dig deeper and learn more details about how to implement the SEM materials.