SonLight Education Ministry (SEM) provides a Bible based Christian homeschooling curriculum that is modeled after the Hebrew system of education. We offer many materials that enable you to design your own unique homeschool program.  To learn more about our program check out our ABOUT page.  



We offer our curriculum for free via PDF files from our Google Drive.  You can alternatively order a flash drive with all of the same material that we offer for free that we have written.  Click our curriculum link above to view our curriculum options.  We hope you will be blessed by the materials that we offer for free.

You will find the curriculum divided into age levels.  We also have materials from Preschool through Adult.   To get a better feel for our curriculum and how to use it, we suggest that you read through the Road Map and Route book that we offer which explains our curriculum and how to use it, a basic instruction book and overall view of our materials.  We also have a Ten Principles of True Education course which we recommend to all parents and teachers who plan to teach using our program; this course goes into much more detail than our Road Map and Route book.  We also have materials for Preschool through Adult, materials for homeschooling, or using in a study group, a Sabbath School class, or personal study.

SEM E-Courses

We will be creating some online courses for you (the parent/teacher) to complete at your own pace as a way to help you understand how to use the different parts of the curriculum we offer.  Please check back for updates in this area.  And please keep this project in your prayers.


“…And the cause which I knew not I searched out.” Job 29:16

SEM Blog

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SEM Families

We know many of you are looking to connect or see how other families use the SonLight Education Ministry materials.  If you are a family who blogs or videos your use of our materials and want to be listed, contact us via the Contact page below.

SEM Facebook Group

You can click the link above to join our Facebook group.  We have wonderful moderators and hopefully you can find additional assistance, help, and companionship with other families using the materials.

SEM Translations

Information to come, still in prayer about this.  🙂


Need assistance?  Contact our main office and we will direct you to the correct person or information that you might need.  We have listings for how to contact our world-wide offices or our Counselors.  Please click the Contact link above to find out how to connect with us.