Coming Soon… an organized method of using SonLight Education Ministry’s curriculum with links to resources that you can supplement with.  Some pages will have information.  Not all have been completed at this time.  If you are not finding the SonLight Materials you think we have, please visit our Google Drive.


To locate our free downloads, please go to our SonLight Education Ministry Google Drive.

The files in the Google Drive are a smaller file size than the original files. The files were downsized with minimal changes in quality and we see very little changes to affect printing. This allows us to share more of the files without incurring a cost and it allows you to save space on your computer.

If you are concerned with downloading and not being able to check for viruses, we understand. There is an option to purchase USB Flash Drives at the bottom of this page. Another option is to download the file and before you open it, right click on it and choose the option to scan the file (you will need to have an active antivirus program on your computer to do this).

*Please note, we have removed the torrent files after hearing from a couple different sources that they obtained viruses from downloading through the torrent file system. We cannot guarantee this will not happen to others, so have chosen to discontinue this file sharing method.

HAVING PROBLEMS?  Please see our FAQ page to see if there are answers before you call for help.  Thank you!!!


Please note that we allow you to print our books that we share for free for personal use only.  This is not permission for you to print and sell them for a profit.  These books contain copyrighted images that cannot be sold.

All our files we share for free and you may print them with our permission for personal use only. Please do not sell any items for personal profit. You may print for a friend, at cost or for free if you wish to help them out.

PRINT OUT OF Printing Permissions.

The files available for free download are also available on a USB Flash Drive. Some have requested to receive the files on a separate media device because of not having internet at home, or not liking to download such large files online.  The files on the Flash Drive are not different than the files offered on the Google Drive.  They are the same files.

You can purchase this set on a Flash Drive for $20 for the main 48 states of USA or $25 for other areas. The files are in PDF format. Please be aware that not all of the SonLight Education Ministry books listed in the catalogue are in this set, but only what has been currently completed and released. The price covers the cost of the Flash Drive and shipping. Please note that additional updates would need to be purchased at the same cost, as we are only providing these at cost, not at a profit.

Please print the ORDER FORM, complete it and send with your payment to:

SonLight Education Ministry
3450 Quail Avenue
Manly, Iowa 50456