We get a lot of questions pertaining to our ministry.  Read below you will gain a little bit of our history and the place where we are at.


SonLight Education Ministry  (SEM) was a full time ministry which provided training in true education, curriculum materials,  a print shop, and book store.  In the past decade, our bookstore has closed and we have sold our printing press.  In recent years, it has been on the heart of the ministry to put our materials out for free, for personal use, as we feel time is short and we’d like as many to be able to use the materials as possible.

In 2015, the SonLight Education Ministry was handed down to Melissa Bull – The Adventist Home Educator ministry.  Mrs. Cook has retired from the full time ministry, although she still works in the background transposing materials from their original format to the PDF files that we use to share the books with you.

Over the past several years, SEM has released many of our books by torrent files.  We recently changed to hosting our files on Google Drive.  We also offer DVD’s of the material as well.


SonLight Education Ministry aims to share a curriculum that follows True Education. Many homeschoolers are trying to find a curriculum that follows God’s plan of education. SEM strives to help educate parents on the ways of True Education.  We also share our curriculum free so that you have the ability to use the materials in your own home with as little cost as possible.

*SonLight Education Ministry no longer runs a bookstore.  We do not sell books any longer at this time.  We are currently praying about the situation.

*SonLight Education Ministry no longer prints books.  This is another issue of prayer.  We do not have a print shop.  We offer our materials for free in downloads.  Please see our FAQ page for some suggestions for printing the materials or using on your tablet, computer, etc.  We do offer our permission for you to print, for personal use only.

Our Curriculum

You will find SEM’s Homeschool Curriculum is laid out differently than the conventional program.

1. We focus on the child’s character which must be our first and highest aim in education!

2. The practical knowledge is in our school books but in a significantly different format from what you may be used to.

3. We use a different timetable than the world does. The counsel is to start a first grade child at the ages of 8-10. This does not mean he is not learning but rather is learning from the Bible, nature, work, and life’s experiences. See our Preschool–Kindergarten program.

4. The Bible was written for all ages. Our material is often developed with the whole family in mind.

5. We would recommend you take the “Ten Principles of True Education” course. This will help you lay a foundation in Bible learning and teaching.