Have you been blessed by the information shared on this website? If so, we hope you would consider donating to help us maintain the ability to minister to Seventh-day Adventist homeschooling families. Donations will be used to cover SonLight Education Ministry costs such as the website hosting, domain name, mailing costs, and other publishing projects.

Donations are NOT tax-deductible as we do not have non-profit status (our ministry is too small to apply for this status).

You may send a DONATION BY CHECK to:
The Adventist Home Educator (Our sister ministry) and please write SonLight Education Ministry on the memo line.  (The bank will only cash checks payable to The Adventist Home Educator.)

And mail to:

SonLight Education Ministry
3450 Quail Avenue
Manly, Iowa 50456

You can alternatively send monies via Paypal:

Our account is shared with our sister ministry, The Adventist Home Educator.  The SonLight Education Ministry Logo should appear, but it will say “The Adventist Home Educator” where it lists the organization.

If you want to avoid getting fees charged, use the donate with Paypal option and transfer from a bank account or your Paypal balance.  All other donations are charged fees (which decreases your donation).


Thank You for supporting SonLight Education Ministry!!!

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