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Main Office

Melissa Bull – Coordinator & Director

Central Time Zone, State – Iowa

To contact the main office, please email or use the contact form below.  The main office answers questions about the downloads (technical help) and questions that pertain to this ministry.

We are a homeschooling family, as are many of our volunteers, and we will email or call you back with the information you need when we have time to respond. We aim to respond within 1 week. If you do not get a call or email, please try again as calls and emails do get dropped from time to time.

Counselors – Offices

If you need specific help with implementing the SonLight Education Ministry program with your family, we do have volunteers willing to help you understand it. Because SonLight Education Ministry has grown into a world-wide ministry, we have help to assist you with understanding our products and how to use them in different areas of the world.

Contact the main office, if you want help finding a counselor that will fit your needs.
For free counseling on curriculum, please see our list of COUNSELORS (found under the Resources page on the menu).

Angela Woodburn – mobile +44 7971 626081


Paul Pannekoek
4541 The Bucketts Way Kundibakh NSW 2429 AUSTRALIA
Phone: 0265506180/ 0410 289981

Contact Form

We welcome you to contact us through the contact form.  If you would like a return call, please give your time zone with your phone number, so we can pick an appropriate time to call you back.

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