Grades 2-8 (ages 9-15)


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2-8 Grades Free Downloads Link

Desire of All Nations, Desire of Ages Study including Bible Study Guide (teacher and student), Study Guide (teacher and student), Memory Verse mp3s, Memory Verse Song Books.  Combine with Lessons below.  (Lessons are a unit study grouping. Complete each Lesson with all subjects and then move onto the next lesson.)  Each Lesson goes with the corresponding chapter of Desire of Ages.  Each Lesson may take between 3-4 months and up to a year to complete depending on how deep you dig into the lessons.

Lesson 1  God With Us (Love)

  • Health – What is Health? AMAZON
  • Mathematics – What is Mathematics? AMAZON
  • Music – What is Music? AMAZON
  • Nature – What is Nature? AMAZON
  • H/G/P – What is History, Geography, and Prophecy? AMAZON
  • Language – What is Language? AMAZON
  • Voice – What is the Voice? AMAZON
  • Outline of Lesson 1 Day by Day planner SAMPLE 1,  SAMPLE 2

Lesson 2:  God’s Chosen People (Diligence)

Lesson 3: The Fullness of Time (Alertness)

Lesson 4:  Unto You a Saviour (Humbleness)

Lesson 5:  The Dedication (Discernment)

  • Health – The Kidneys FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Mathematics – Subtraction I FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Music – Treble and Bass Clef FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Nature – The Solar System:  The Sun, The Solar System: The Planets FREE PDF AMAZON
  • H/G/P – Antarctica FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Language – The Word Explains Words FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Voice – Muscles and Breathing FREE PDF AMAZON
  • The Sunflower Booklet  (used with “The Sun” lesson as an activity) FREE PDF AMAZON

Lesson 6 :  We Have Seen His Star  (Integrity)

  • Health – The Cells FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Mathematics – Subtraction II FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Music – The Whole Note and Rest FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Nature – Moon, Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Language – Books Full of Words FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Voice – The Vocal Cords FREE PDF AMAZON

Lesson 7:  Childhood of Jesus (Truthfulness)

  • Health – The Spleen FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Mathematics – Multiplication I FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Music – The Half, Quarter, and Eighth Notes, and Rests FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Nature – Review Astronomy FREE PDF AMAZON
  • H/G/P – Australia FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Language – Pure Words FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Voice – Correct Bodily Alignment FREE PDF AMAZON

Lesson 8:  Feast of the Passover (Obedience)

  • Health – The Pancreas FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Mathematics – Multiplication II FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Music – The Dotted Half Note and Rest FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Nature – Creation, Darkness, Light and Heat FREE PDF AMAZON
  • H/G/P – Europe FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Language – Figurative Words FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Annual Feasts (not uploaded)
  • Is the Blood on the Lintel? FREE PDF AMAZON
  • Voice – Resonating, Chamber, Resonance FREE PDF AMAZON

Lesson 9 (scan Aug 2016):  Youth of Christ (Submissiveness)

  • Health – Gall Bladder
  • Mathematics – Division I
  • Music – Review Notes and Rests
  • Nature – Air and Sound
  • H/G/P – South America
  • Language – Synonyms, Homonyms, and Antonyms
  • Voice – Growing Voice

Lesson 10 (scan 08-2016):  The Voice Crying in the Wilderness ( Receptiveness)

  • Health – The Bones
  • Mathematics – Division II
  • Music – Pulse & Time Signature
  • Nature – Water
  • H/G/P – North America
  • Language – Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words
  • Voice – The Voice in Communication

Lesson 11 (scan 7-10-2017):   He Was Baptized (Purity)

  • Health – Reproductive Organs
  • Nature – Oceans and Tides
  • Review Book – Mathematics, Music, H/G/P, Language, Voice

Lesson 12 (scan 5-11-17):   Jesus Is Tempted (Self-Denial)

  • Health – The Muscles
  • Mathematics – Decimals
  • Music – Heavenly…Written… Nature’s Music I
  • Nature – The Rainbow, The Clouds
  • H/G/P – When the Land Masses Changed parts I and II
  • Language – Nouns I
  • Voice – The Power of the Tongue (Speech)

Lesson 13 (scan 5-11-17):  Get Thee Behind Me….  (Trustfulness) **

  • Health – The Stomach
  • Mathematics – Fractions I
  • Music – (not written at this time)
  • Nature – The Weather
  • H/G/P – The Repeopling of the Earth
  • Language – Nouns II (Not uploaded, as the scan we have is incomplete)
  • Voice – The Speaker We Hear (Speech)

The Rainbow Covenant Book

A Casket Story and Coloring Book  (updated 3-30-17, changed copyright address)

Spelling From the Scriptures, to be used with the first 1-16 lessons

Our Nature Study Book, to be used with the first 11 lessons

Bible Study Booklet, to be used with the first 2-7 Language Lessons  DOWNLOAD or AMAZON

Language Program (order elsewhere)

**Only Lessons 1-13 have been completed at this time. In the Road Map and Route, you can find an outline for further studies, should you want to continue with the Desire of All Nations Bible study. You would simply follow the outline and prepare your own unit studies to go along with the Bible Study. However, many families find the first 13 lessons adequate for teaching for Grades 2-8.

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