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Warmly, Melissa

Please pray for this project!  Up to this time we haven’t been able to focus on a translation project.  However, there is much interest in furthering the work of translation since they have seen the beautiful job that the SonLight Brasil team has put together.  We have prayed hard about this and have decided to put together an Official Translation Team that will work with all translations to reduce confusions and to keep the look and information the same as the English Versions.

The Translation Team will work to create a template for all languages to be imported into.  This way our materials are all similar and there is no confusion about the ministry or about the work being done.  This team will need a combination of workers that will consist of digital book editors and designers and those gifted with the ability to translate.  I believe that it may be slow going at first as we work to create the file templates, but it should make translation work much easier once this template is created.  

Below you will find the work of some very dedicated people who worked to make some translations available to share with you.  We thank them for their time and efforts!  We hope the above Translation Team will make it easier to move forward with translations.  If you are interested in helping with the Translation Team and willing to volunteer your time and share your gifts, please contact us for more information and to see if we might need some additional help.  

Some are helping to pave the way to offering translations of the SonLight Education Ministry materials.  You can find the completed files in this folder of our Google Drive. We currently have received some (not all) translated files in Portuguese and Spanish.


*These are not included in the Flash Drive purchase of our files as they are not original files of SonLight Education Ministry.  You will need to download these to use the files.

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