Parents and Teachers


Catalogue, Road Map and Route (a general overview of our program and how to use it, the best place to start to understand the big picture of our program)*

Parent and Teacher Helps

Please click the “Parent and Teacher Helps” (above) to find our Google Drive with these materials in it.

Ten Principles of True Education Course

David Gibbs Audios

Teaching Series Audios

Education by Ellen G. White (search online to purchase, Call the Adventist Book Center, or use the EGW App to read from)

Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns by E. A. Sutherland (you can search online to purchase the book, or find a free download to print or read)

Studies in Christian Education by E. A. Sutherland (search online to purchase or find a free download to print or read)

The Place of the Bible in Education by A. T. Jones (search online to purchase or find a free download to print or read)

Exercise and Work Brochure

Studies in Character Building by Mrs. E. E. Kellogg, (scan, released 10-3-17)

Gentle Measures by Jacob Abbott (scan), released 9-12-17

Happy Hours At Home by Isabel C. Byrum, released 9-25-17

Daniel and His Education by Haskell (scan), released 3-28-17

*In the Road Map and Route book, you will find an outline for the 2-8 Grades. This was not completed. It was started and we share all that was created (Lessons 1-13) and make it available to you. In the book, you will find an outline to follow, should you want to continue to study in this manner. At this time, it would be simply guidance for you to prepare plans to continue further. Many find the 13 lessons are enough for the children. You can speak with one of our counselors to understand options you could do with the 13 Lessons for the 2-8 Grades.

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