How to get started with homeschooling?

I. Is there a model for man to follow for True Education?

“The system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be a model for man throughout all aftertime. As an illustration of its principles a model school was established in Eden, the home of our first parents. The Garden of Eden was the schoolroom, nature was the lesson book, the Creator Himself was the instructor.”1


What is the schoolroom?

What are the lesson books?

Who was the Instructor?

How long will this system of education last?

II.  When to start using the above model?

“For the first eight or ten years of a child’s life the field or garden is the best schoolroom, the mother the best teacher, nature the best lesson book. Even when the child is old enough to attend school, his health should be regarded as of greater importance than a knowledge of books. He should be surrounded with the conditions most favorable to both physical and mental growth.”2

III. Does SonLight Education Ministry follow this model?

The Family Bible Lessons for the ages Birth to Eight years and the 2nd to 8th grade program, The Desire of All Nations program from SonLight Education Ministry follows the model of true education mentioned above.

IV. The Course for children from Birth to Eight is the Family Bible Lessons. Download and print the file for Year 1 Quarter 1 Family Bible Lessons, Children’s Activities Book for Year 1 Quarter 1, and if you have children under 4, The Little Children’s Bible Lessons Book.  You can get started at any time. There is a Bible Lesson, Memory Verse, Nature Lesson, Character Quality for all week with it broken up into a little research every day. A Quarter is 13 weeks so you stay in a Nature theme for 3 months.

Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

V. The Course for children nine to fifteen or 2nd to eighth grade called The Desire of All Nations program can be downloaded and printed.

Print the following to get started with the 2-8 grade program:
Lesson 1 of all the Academic subjects.
The Covenant Notebook
The Casket Coloring Book
Spelling From the Scriptures
The Bible Study Booklet

VI. The Training Course for the Parent called The Ten Principles of True Education should also be downloaded and printed. This is the training course to teach you how to teach using Christ’s methods of True Education. It is especially helpful when teaching the older child age nine and up.


VII. Physiology and Hygiene

“Upon fathers as well as mothers rests a responsibility for the child’s earlier as well as its later training, and for both parents the demand for careful and thorough preparation is most urgent. Before taking upon themselves the possibilities of fatherhood and motherhood, men and women should become acquainted with the laws of physical development—with physiology and hygiene, with the bearing of prenatal influences, with the laws of heredity, sanitation, dress, exercise, and the treatment of disease; they should also understand the laws of mental development and moral training….
Never will education accomplish all that it might and should accomplish until the importance of the parents’ work is fully recognized, and they receive a training for its sacred responsibilities.” 3


1. Child Guidance page 294.2

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Published by reaperteresa

I am a Mother, the most important joy and job I have ever held. I have two children. I homeschooled my daughter her whole life (now age 30). I Started using SonLight Education Ministry curriculum when she was eight years old. I Started working at SonLight when my daughter was 17 and worked there for seven and a half years. Now I am helping families with how to apply the principles of True Education.

9 thoughts on “How to get started with homeschooling?

  1. I’m interested in homeschooling my son but will need a private tutor to help me with it since I can’t resign from work. Are there any private tutors available for homeschooling?


    1. Hi Claudia, On this website there are counselors who can help you with questions you might have about the SonLight Education Ministry materials offered for training and educating yourself as the teacher and your child as the student but I am not aware of any tutors for your child unless he is a youth who could benefit from speaking with a counselor from the website here. It would be nice if you could go through the Ten Principles of True Education training course offered through SonLight to have a more clear idea of True Education. Praying for you!


      1. Hello we have children age 10,8,4 years of age. where do we start….., I have taken a look at your program of education…., I feel slightly tired and drained…, there is a lot to cover and to take in. We live in London and I feel pressured to go back to work. My husband and I both attended the True education program over in Southampton a few years ago, Dwayne lemon and Chris Hudson were both holding seminars on God’s education (True Education) and its importance.
        I want to succeed in teaching my children. My husband does too, but there is not enough support around at all where we live. Both my older two boys play string instruments violin and the piano as well as the guitar. We would like to sign up for your course please as a family willing to learn,


      2. Hi Annemarilyn, Look on the SonLight website for the counselors in Europe. I am sure they could help you along. My daughter and I were just in England doing a True Education seminar at the Ladywood SDA church and they were videotaping the meetings as well. All will enjoy the Family Bible Lessons and the ten year old can start the 2nd to 8 grade course. Also The Ten Principles of True Education is a training course to teach you and your husband how to teach like Jesus taught! Praying that this will help you get started. Teresa Kodimer

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  2. As I see, your home schooling program is indeed a geat blessing to parents who are concern about the education of their children based on the Bible and SOP. May God bless you more. Only eternity can tell the results of your endeavors when souls will enter the gates of the restored paradise eternally saved.


    1. I have children that I want to have home schooling. One is 8 years old and the other is 11 years old. I would like them to enroll in your program.


      1. You can download the files you need to get started from SonLight Education Ministry Google drive on line. You need “The Ten Principles of Tru Education training course. Also the Family Bible Lessons Year One Quarter One and Children’s Activity Book. A good phonics program for your eight year old too. Your eleven year old can start the 2-8 grade program called The Desire of All Nations. Praying that you are blessed!


  3. Hi There please can you help me find the desire of Al nations printout for children and adults. My daughter is now 11 and I am struggling to get this principle started with her. I want to commit but the materials have overwhelmed me that I keep leaving it of. I know God has redirected me to Do light and I am willing to make the commitment. Thank you and God continue to bless your efforts.


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