Revised Songbook for FBL Y1Q1

We are excited to share that after much work from some very special volunteers, we have some NEW materials to release!  Our Family Bible Lessons will now have an entire set of Memory Verse song books with audios to go along with them!  They will come out slowly as we have time to revise the books to be current with the new song books.

Today’s Release:  Year 1 Quarter 1


What you need to know:

The books are located in our Family Bible Lesson Folder on our Google Drive.  The folders that have the new version, will have 2018 on the folder.  Currently just the first quarter of the first year has been edited.  A new blog post will come out when we update the other books.

The Family Bible Lesson book and Activity book have changes on 5 pages in each book.  The books have been updated.  Now included is a song book for just Year 1/Quarter 1.  Audios are in two different folders. One folder has the soundtracks to the songs (just the music); the other folder has the soundtracks with voice.  A fun new addition has been added to the Soundtracks with voice folder… an additional “Vocal Exercises” track has been included so that your child (and you) can learn to warm up your voice with some vocal exercises.

The old version of Year 1/Quarter 1 is in a folder called Older Versions.

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Homeschooling mom of 5 girls (2 married) and Mimi (Grandma) to four, by God's grace in northern Iowa. Life is always changing...ever seeking God's will in each new day.

3 thoughts on “Revised Songbook for FBL Y1Q1

  1. Good Day! Thanks so much for the new updated material’s. I’m excited to start Sonlight with my children. I have just printed the whole set of the old version please share What pages are the new pages in each book? I thank you so very much.

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  2. Hello Melissa,

    I really appreciate this wonderful material and although I don’t have school age kids, I’m still at kid at heart and I share this great information with many people. I also teach the Junior Sabbath School Class and I would like to draw from these excellent resources as well. I have been trying to download the FBLQuarter 1 and I have not been successful it does not open…I did in the past but not anymore. Is it me or is there another problem…I would love to access these. Many blessings and have a great preparation day and a blessed Sabbath.

    Zoila Molina (from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)



    1. Hello Zoila. Have you tried the links on our pages? The Google Drive was hacked a month ago, and we created new links. We shared them on our pages, but I did not update the blog. Check out the Downloads page on this website and follow the Google Drive link. Look for the Family Bible Lessons folder to find the resources you are looking for. Warmly, ~Melissa


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