Translated Materials

We have had several that are helping to translate the SonLight Education Ministry materials.  We praise God for their service and thank them abundantly!  Since this is just beginning, there are not many files, as of yet.  But as they are added, you may find the translated files in our Google Drive.  At this point, we have some files in Spanish, and a couple in Portuguese.

Please click the link below to find the translated materials.


We thank those that were generous with their time and talents to create these for sharing freely with others!!

Family Bible Lessons Y2Q1 MV Update

We have completed the update for Year 2 Quarter 1 of the Family Bible Lessons.  There are now memory verse songs and soundtracks for your family to help you learn the verses.  Books have been updated with the new verses, as a couple have been changed. If you have already printed the book, there is a folder with the changed pages.


God is good!  May He continue to bless your families!

New Release: Y1Q2 FBL MV Songs


Today we are releasing the Year 1/Quarter 2 song book and audio sound tracks.  The Family Bible Lesson book and Children’s Activity book have been updated with the changed memory verses.

We have included the changed pages of the Family Bible Lessons and Children’s Activity books in a file located in the Family Bible Lessons folder, in the Year 1 folder, in the OLDER VERSIONS folder, for those of you who have printed the books already and may just want to print out the single changed pages.

You can locate the Family Bible Lessons HERE.  Currently, just Year 1 Quarters 1 and 2 have been updated with the 2018 changes.


Revised Songbook for FBL Y1Q1

We are excited to share that after much work from some very special volunteers, we have some NEW materials to release!  Our Family Bible Lessons will now have an entire set of Memory Verse song books with audios to go along with them!  They will come out slowly as we have time to revise the books to be current with the new song books.

Today’s Release:  Year 1 Quarter 1


What you need to know:

The books are located in our Family Bible Lesson Folder on our Google Drive.  The folders that have the new version, will have 2018 on the folder.  Currently just the first quarter of the first year has been edited.  A new blog post will come out when we update the other books.

The Family Bible Lesson book and Activity book have changes on 5 pages in each book.  The books have been updated.  Now included is a song book for just Year 1/Quarter 1.  Audios are in two different folders. One folder has the soundtracks to the songs (just the music); the other folder has the soundtracks with voice.  A fun new addition has been added to the Soundtracks with voice folder… an additional “Vocal Exercises” track has been included so that your child (and you) can learn to warm up your voice with some vocal exercises.

The old version of Year 1/Quarter 1 is in a folder called Older Versions.

You can find the NEW Version of Year 1/Quarter 1 of the Family Bible Lessons HERE. 

Testimony Tuesday

This testimony is from Shardae and we thank you, Shardae, for sharing your experience with us here!

I have been using SonLight for about four years now. I am a single parent and fairly poor. When my family became Adventist the Lord lead me through the Bible and SOP to homeschool. I did not immediately respond but the Lord was merciful. Once I decided to homeschool and follow the Lord’s leading, some very important friends of mine introduced us to SonLight.

My friends sent us a PDF of the curriculum with the catalogue. I was so thankful and excited. I readily applied every thing we were reading. So, after a year or so, I was going into my son’s room and I hear him reading(age 6). I was shocked but skeptical. I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was reading. I was like.. not really are you? He answered yes. So I took a book we have not read and told him to read it. He took the book and read it and as he came to a unfamiliar word, he paused and sounded it out. I was like,” What, really! You can read!” To let you in on my son’s history, he was born with brain and lung problems (6 month pregnancy, premature), diagnosed with Autism at 5 years old, labeled that he will not develop as other children do who are his age, and he will have learning disabilities. He also went through some very traumatizing abuse at 4 years of age which he does not remember. An psycologist told me his brain may have block this event for his sanity. Thus his brain and nerves have had some great distress. But, yet, in this event of home schooling and reading daily from the Word of God and SonLight, he learned how to read. Plus, a bonus was that he taught the children in the shelter we lived at every story from the Family Bible Lessons we read. He would share it so naturally I would be amazing at his vocabulary.  I, too, had to read (Parent Readings for the week) to strengthen my own vocabulary. God has truly blessed us through this curriculum. I am glad it is free!