What Is Mathematics? Projects

Many times we stick to our lessons and forget about the projects listed in the Teacher’s Section.  You can find lots of neat ways to learn mathematics by doing the projects, which is a more hands-on method of learning.  Here is an excerpt from Grades 2-8 / Lesson 1:  What Is Mathematics?


  1.  What are the laws of love in your home?  Make a list.  Can you think of a new one your family may need?  Practice it, and especially this week.  (Example:  All family members will be respectful of other peoples’ things because they love them.)
  2. Do you see mathematics in nature?  Find examples on at least two days during your nature walks this week.  Use your backpack.  (Example: leaf pattern on a branch – spiral, alternating, parallel). Write the examples you find in Our Nature Study Book.  Make a parallel to your Bible story and use the character quality of love.    Use three examples 1) numbers, 2) quantities, and 3) measurements.
  3. Help the child think about Mathematics as he goes about his daily life.  (Examples: the time he eats each day, the number of people eating at each meal, etc.)  Have the child draw pictures of three laws of mathematics he experiences in his day (as relates to love and the Bible lesson).
  4. Together, as a family, save enough money to purchase the book Number in Scripture by Bullinger to add to the family’s library for a resource.
  5. Do a survey with adults and ask them the question, “What is Mathematics?”  Write down their answers.  What did you learn from them?


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