We are so excited to announce that we are making our books available on the Amazon Marketplace. Please pray for us as we work on getting all of our books listed. You will now be able to purchase SonLight Education Ministry books at a price that is very friendly to your pocketbook and you won’t need to mess with printing the large files.

Please… if you see any errors in any books, please give us a heads up so that we can try to edit them before they go to print. We always appreciate a second, third, or fourth pair of eyes!

You can now go to Amazon and search for “SonLight Education Ministry”. The books that are uploaded and ready for printing will have a “BUY NOW” button. It takes a few days to get the books to be live on Amazon, but we have already finished uploading the Family Bible Lesson books, all three years. We will begin to work on the Little Children’s Lessons and the Activity Books soon. The 2-8 Grade Lessons will follow after they are completed. So, keep checking back to Amazon to see what has been uploaded.

Please keep this work in your prayers. Kimberly has been willing to share her talents and her spare time to make this happen. We are so thankful for her help. We are putting the prices as low as we can to cover the cost of printing for you and still save you loads of money compared to if you printed from home or took the files to a printshop. That’s worth praising God about!

In the near future, as time allows, we will be updating the website. We will be reorganizing it to help you find the print books or the downloadable files, but this will be a large project and we ask for your patience and your prayers!

We pray this will be a blessing for many families!

Published by ~Melissa

Homeschooling mom of 5 girls (2 married) and Mimi (Grandma) to four, by God's grace in northern Iowa. Life is always changing...ever seeking God's will in each new day.

6 thoughts on “Announcement!!

  1. Praise the Lord Melissa! What wonderful news! Thanks for your work in accomplishing this huge undertaking with the website.
    Thank you Kimberly for taking on this labor of love with printing.


  2. Amen! That is so wonderful and awesome! I will be keeping this wonderful project in prayer! šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™ā¤ God bless all of you and Sonlight Education Ministry. Amen!


  3. How exciting!!!! Praise the Lord for all the hard work that has gone into this!!!Ā 

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  4. This has been wonderful, my daughter and I love them, we use them as main source for home schooling. I bought all the books, good and reasonable price. Thank you so much for making this possible! Blessings!


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