Reflect – Consider This:


A lighted piece of paper laid flat on a piece of metal will go out, for the metal absorbs the heat and starves the flame: so does gold laid close to the soul cause the holy flame of love to God to shrink and die. The heart cannot embrace God and money; and, therefore, if it gives its affection and solicitude to the latter, it is guilty of idolatry. “Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry” (Colossians 3:5)

Excerpt from Grades 2-8 / Lesson 1: What Is Mathematics?

Published by ~Melissa

Homeschooling mom of 5 girls (2 married) and Mimi (Grandma) to four, by God's grace in northern Iowa. Life is always changing...ever seeking God's will in each new day.

One thought on “Reflect – Consider This:

  1. Thank you for all the resources! It is making a huge difference in our family! We are all learning and growing spiritually!


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