Sad News…

It is with sad hearts that we share that Mrs. Cook, the founder of SonLight Education Ministry, passed away yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Sad News…

  1. Harold says:

    Very inspiring and wise Christ guided lady. The main component of my kids education is Sunlight. I spoke with Mrs Cook several years back and she placed us on the Homeschooling path. Our condolences to her family .


  2. Todd & Paula Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing this.  A friend told me about SonLight and I have not yet implemented it, but this motivates me to do so soon. Rejoicing Always, 🙂 Todd & Paula Smith “In every encounter we either give life or drain it; there is no neutral exchange.”  Brennan Manning


  3. Thubelihle Mabhena says:

    I am new to this curriculum. I am so grateful to her for doing this for our children. I am very sorry to hear that she has passed away. She has definitely let God use her in a mighty way. She has helped us parents lead our children to Christ. What an amazing, loving woman she has been to people who she doesnt even know. Her ministry definitely Carrie’s forward.


  4. Gina says:

    I am busy doing my research. i love what i have seen already. god bless the founder and the vision carriers of this program. im excited. deepest condolences


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