Where to Learn Mathematics

gabriel-jimenez-jin4W1HqgL4-unsplashHave you noticed how Jesus almost always used an outdoor or country setting for most of His teachings when He lived on Earth? In the very beginning, He chose to have man till the soil which offered experience in using mathematics, such as:

  1. the increase of one seed to many
  2. the size of space needed to plant
  3. when to plant
  4. calculating straight rows
  5. the amount of space growing plants will need
  6. to know what is the best way to use the produce of the garden in glorifying God

Excerpt from Grades 2-8 / Lesson 1: What Is Mathematics

Published by ~Melissa

Homeschooling mom of 5 girls (2 married) and Mimi (Grandma) to four, by God's grace in northern Iowa. Life is always changing...ever seeking God's will in each new day.

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