New Release: The Waldenses

The Waldenses.  When the Waldenses seek to serve God in their mountainous homes, a storm seems to burst upon them!  As persecution deepens, will they survive?  Will they remain faithful? Follow their story as it is compared with the life cycle of an eagle.

**The previously shared scan was removed from the “Scanned and Shared” folder as this one ended up more clear.


New Release: Prophets and Kings, Student and Teacher Study Guides

Purchase the book Prophets and Kings by Ellen White (Order online)  Student and Teacher Study Guides will help you go through and take a deeper look into this study.  This study is part of the High School History study, Historical Periods of the World According to the Bible.  These books could also be used in the home for family worship, or at church, or with friends as a guide for studying the book Prophets and Kings.

There are only two volumes which cover chapters 1-60.  The catalogue in the Google Drive states there are 3 volumes, which is an error.