New Release: Nature 12

We have released a new scan of Lesson 12, Nature:  Clouds for the 2-8 Grade Lessons.

Our files are located in our Google Drive. Look in the 2-8 Grade Lessons folder.

A scan means that some pages may be imperfectly aligned or contain stray marks from the scanner or copying methods.  Scans of used books may contain stray writing marks from user.

May God bless you as you seek Him today.


This picture came with the blog and I decided to leave it just because I liked it.  Waters in the Bible represent many people… and Sunlight (SonLight) is touching many of them.  I love that analogy and I pray that we can help many of you as you search for true education encouragement.


Well, as you can see… the blog is new to our site.  We hope that we can use it to support you all as you are trying to learn how to use the SonLight Education Ministry materials or simply trying to understand True Education better.

Our prayer is that we can share glimpses of how SEM (SonLight Education Ministry) materials work.  That we can share your ideas of how you incorporate SEM into your homeschooling. That we can encourage you with True Education tidbits.  That we can share resources that work well with SEM.  That we can share events coming up that you might be encouraged to attend.

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May God be with you and your families as you seek to follow Him!

Warmly, ~Melissa