Testimony Tuesday

This testimony is from Shardae and we thank you, Shardae, for sharing your experience with us here!

I have been using SonLight for about four years now. I am a single parent and fairly poor. When my family became Adventist the Lord lead me through the Bible and SOP to homeschool. I did not immediately respond but the Lord was merciful. Once I decided to homeschool and follow the Lord’s leading, some very important friends of mine introduced us to SonLight.

My friends sent us a PDF of the curriculum with the catalogue. I was so thankful and excited. I readily applied every thing we were reading. So, after a year or so, I was going into my son’s room and I hear him reading(age 6). I was shocked but skeptical. I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was reading. I was like.. not really are you? He answered yes. So I took a book we have not read and told him to read it. He took the book and read it and as he came to a unfamiliar word, he paused and sounded it out. I was like,” What, really! You can read!” To let you in on my son’s history, he was born with brain and lung problems (6 month pregnancy, premature), diagnosed with Autism at 5 years old, labeled that he will not develop as other children do who are his age, and he will have learning disabilities. He also went through some very traumatizing abuse at 4 years of age which he does not remember. An psycologist told me his brain may have block this event for his sanity. Thus his brain and nerves have had some great distress. But, yet, in this event of home schooling and reading daily from the Word of God and SonLight, he learned how to read. Plus, a bonus was that he taught the children in the shelter we lived at every story from the Family Bible Lessons we read. He would share it so naturally I would be amazing at his vocabulary.  I, too, had to read (Parent Readings for the week) to strengthen my own vocabulary. God has truly blessed us through this curriculum. I am glad it is free!